Who Were Pilgrim Fathers?

Who Were Pilgrim Fathers?

The first white settlers in North America marked the colour line in the Native American blood with their presence. The first generations of the settlers acted like victims of persecution, and even today they are still described as victims of prejudice and oppression. However, despite their religious zeal and sacrifice, the Pilgrim Fathers’ experiences in America are overwhelmingly positive. While the colonists embraced a new religion and way of life, their actions were largely violent.

The Pilgrim Fathers were a group of earnest Dutchmen who migrated to America in 1620. The first English settlers arrived thirteen years earlier on the Mayflower. The Spanish, in contrast, had already settled Santa Fe in New Mexico. But the Pilgrim Fathers should not be confused with the Founding Fathers, who were visionaries and patriots who began the experiment of democracy in 1776. The Puritans also sought religious freedom and a better life for themselves, and this is where the difference lies.

The Pilgrim Fathers’ faith and work ethic left a legacy in America. For example, Boston, the oldest city in the United States, is named after them. The city’s population has increased to seventy-two thousand, making it the 21st largest city in the country. The names of several sporting teams, including Boston United Football Club and Plymouth Argyle, also bear the name of the founders.

The Pilgrim Fathers were mostly Dutch and English exiles. Their efforts to establish a colony in the New World were primarily aimed at achieving a better life for themselves. As earnest Christians, they believed in the promise of salvation and devoted themselves to following their faith. The result was the Plymouth Colony, the first colony in the New World. They were greeted by their fellow Europeans with open arms and were welcomed by the natives as an unlikely partner in their new home. In the early years of their arrival, the first generation of settlers had to struggle for their survival.

The Pilgrim Fathers also built a fort. Not only did this protect themselves from pirates, but it also served as a meeting place for the government. The Massachusetts Bay Company was established in 1630, and the city of Boston was founded as a port city. The Puritans made their new home in the new land. Their arrival in 1620 would have been the beginning of the New World. The pilgrims arrived in America in the year of their journey.

The Pilgrim Fathers of New England are the most important part of the Pilgrims. They are the first colonists who came to America. As the founders of the new nation, they were the first people to emigrate from the Dutch to the New World. The English settlers of the New World remained in the Netherlands for more than a century. The first Europeans to settle in America migrated in 1620.